Secto Briefly

Secto Automotive is a reinventor of the traditional car leasing industry. Since its establishment in 2007 Secto has introduced the Open Calculation Leasing product to the Finnish market, taken a dominant position in leasing services for electric vehicles and opened a whole new market segment in SME’s.

The unconventional, personal service orientated approach to leasing has proven successful: after eight years of operations the company now has 2 000 client companies and fleet of 5000 vehicles, making it the leading privately owned leasing company in Finland.

The growth has been both organic and profitable. Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) has been over 60 % since the establishment. The turnover in 2015 was 112 Meur. The company currently employs 65 very dedicated and driven leasing specialists.


Why does Secto exist?

We believe that acquiring, owning and maintaining a vehicle should be simpler than currently available. We strive to rethink the transportation needs of our customers and innovate service products that answer the emerging demand. Our core product is leasing but we do not limit ourselves, or our customers to one financing solution.

We are here to serve move you.

Questions and enquiries at info@secto.fi or +358 20 792 4300.

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