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Advancing sustainability in the automotive industry through development work

In December 2022, we established our own development department, Secto Automotive Labs, with the goal to communicate the need for sustainability in driving through positive and engaging communication. 

Secto Automotive Labs researches the development of sustainable motorsports. Our main mission is not to win races but to test and promote our innovations for sustainable driving in motorsports, where solutions often transition to mass-produced vehicles. 

Secto Automotive Labs laid a solid foundation during its first operational year in 2023. Before we launched Labs, our rally team already made history by being the first to use synthetic gasoline in 2021, followed by fossil-free lubricants in 2022. By 2023, these innovations had accumulated over 4,000 test kilometres, showcasing their viability to major car manufacturers. Leading by example, we’ve influenced several large car manufacturers like Skoda Motorsport and Toyota to integrate fossil-free lubricants into their operations, setting a new standard for sustainability. 

In 2024, we’ll focus our research on developing low-fossil tyres, aiming to expedite their commercialisation and collaborate with the world’s largest tyre manufacturers. 

Driving change in motorsports through positive publicity 

Development work is meaningless unless it contributes to influencing the sustainable transformation of driving. That’s why we prioritise communicating about sustainable driving to key stakeholders worldwide, including automotive industry players, customers, partners, and decision makers. 

Our goal is to be a thought leader in sustainable driving and to position ourselves as experts in future automotive trends. We have delivered influential speeches at several important economic, sustainability, and sports events, like the Nordic Business Forum, TALKHelsinki, Secto Rally Finland, Skoda Motorsport Sustainability Workshop, and Monte Carlo Innovation Forum. Speaking on behalf of Secto were former CEO, current Chairman of the Board Matias Henkola and world-renowned racing driver Heikki Kovalainen. 

Heikki Kovalainen ja Matias Henkola

As the main partner of the Finnish WRC rally, Secto Automo- tive Labs gained global visibility through several of the largest media outlets concentrating on motorsports. Our work has also received widespread national attention from newspapers, television, and industry publications.

During the 2023 season, the world’s most-watched driver pair, Heikki Kovalainen and Janni Hussi, drove in Secto Automotive Labs’ own rally car. Their commitment to the project’s values and communication helped us achieve significant visibility and sparked discussions about the diversity of sustainable driving.

In the future, we will further strengthen our collaboration with Heikki Kovalainen, one of the world’s most famous and popular racing drivers. During our first racing season together, Kovalainen has emerged as a highly committed advocate for sustainable driving, and in 2024, he will be even more visible at international events.

Secto Automotive Labs -story by DirtFish