Hassle- and fossil-free driving

Secto Automotive is a Finnish-owned B2B car leasing operator founded in 2007. We are trailblazers in low-emission driving with a mission to save driving by making it sustainable. Challenging traditional car ownership models, Secto creates new solutions based on customer needs. Our business is guided by sustainable development principles and the transition away from fossil fuels. The company’s growth is fueled by hassle-free vehicle leasing and sustainability.

This is Secto

We have approximately 4,300 business customers and we take care of the lifecycle of around 10 600 vehicles, from the assessment of mobility needs to the purchase of the next vehicle. In 2023, our used car business sold around 3,400 off-lease and lightly used cars to end users. Used car sales play a crucial role in improving both sustainability and traffic safety. Every fifth passenger car on Finnish roads is either a current or former company car.

In 2023, Secto Automotive's comparable turnover (IFRS) was EUR 226 million and it grew by 27 percent from the previous year.  We currently employ 114 dedicated and driven specialists.

Secto is a values-driven growth company

Our values guide our operations towards our strategic goals.

  • Empathy is our superpower

  • We are trailblazers

  • Sustainability is at the centre of everything

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