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UNGC Compliance Secto ESG Public Statement

Public commitment by the Chief Executive, with​ support from the Board of Directors​.

Secto commits to prioritizing ESG as an integral part of our business activities, and to continually improve on our approach to ESG and overall performance, focusing on our leasing activities as a key impact area:​

Being sustainable in our business is a priority for Secto, and as such, we have committed to continuously monitor, report and improve on our Environmental footprint, Societal impact and ownership and governance by leadership. We have done this through committing to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and, by extension, supporting the achievement Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This means instigating action in key areas: Board ownership of the agenda; adjustments to policies and practices; training and motivating employees; pushing sustainability into the supply chain; and disclosing efforts and outcomes. Secto’s leadership also recognise we cannot shift systems alone: working with others to shatter barriers and increase the odds of success. Sustainability requires a long-term vision and commitment to ongoing efforts, both to ensure progress and keep pace with a rapidly changing world. In our effort to adhere to these principles, we will undertake the following.

Secto aims to be the market leader when it comes to leasing Electric Vehicles. We work to achieve these principles by promoting the use of electric vehicles and committing to increase the mix of electric vehicles in our fleet, thereby reducing our GHG footprint and reducing air pollution.​

We promote responsible business practice and zero tolerance to corruption as laid out in Secto’s Code of Conduct

We emphasize environmental, health and safety and human rights matters within our supply chain by means of the implementation of our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We are in the process of measuring our relevant Principal Adverse Impact* (PAI) Indicators, including:​

  • GHG Emissions, Carbon Footprint and Renewable and non-renewable energy consumption and production;​

  • Waste Management activities;​

  • Social and employee matters including global principles, unadjusted gender pay gap and board gender diversity.​

Secto aims to report publically on these indicators and continually improve on our impacts associated with these indicators. We will also measure and demonstrate progress on the Ten Principles of the UNGC in a consistent and harmonized way.​

Secto aims to maintain an ESG governance structure that promotes positive impact and ensures accountability, as well as engagement with relevant parties on ESG matters.​

Secto aims to maintain ESG-related policies and procedures to ensure ongoing improvement in our impact and consideration of key ESG-related issues. This is evident in our existing policies which are:​

Furthermore, Secto aims to proactively engage with our stakeholders on ESG-related matters and to incorporate their inputs into our decision-making.

At Secto, sustainability counts, and all responsibilities are important.​

* Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) – Negative, material, or potentially material effects on sustainability factors that result from, worsen, or are directly related to investment choices or advice performed by a legal entity. A set of indicators that companies can disclose against to ensure material ESG issues are considered.​