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We’re here to save driving by making it sustainable

Sustainability is the core of our business, both in our values and in our everyday activities. Customers can trust us to help them make the transition to a non-fossil fleet as hassle-free as possible. Secto’s carbon handprint the actions we take to reduce GHG emissions in the value chain is bigger than just our own carbon footprint. Transitioning to fossil-free fuels and replacing fossil materials in vehicles is crucial for mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Electricity is now the most common option for fossil-free energy, and the electrification of vehicle fleets must be strongly supported. See the case: Secto Publicly promotes sustainable driving

We help our customers transition to sustainable driving

With our 14 years of experience in decarbonisation, we provide our customers with a smooth and predictable transition to sustainable driving. We tailor our approach to accommodate individual needs throughout the change process.​ Our goal is to hand over the last passenger car running on fossil energy by the end of 2028, Secto Automotive CEO Olli Helenius says.

For us, sustainability extends beyond driving; it’s the core of our business, shaping how we engage with our partners, society, and individuals. The personnel is Secto's most important asset, they are the ones who make our customers’ sustainable and hassle-free driving possible. Secto wants to be part of the solution, not the problem. That's how we build a sustainable future as well as a sustainable business.

You can see Secto Automotive's Sustainability Report and other materials and Case Stories from the links below.

Secto Automotives Indirect GHG emissions generated in the value chain

Our decision to give up the machine leasing business and our journey towards a fossil-free car fleet has significantly reduced our Scope 3 emissions compared to 2022. Our relative per kilometer leasing period emissions have also reduced by 15% compared to 2022 due to the electrification of our leasing fleet. Our total GHG emissions (location-based) (tCO₂eq) were 193,840 and total GHG emissions (market-based) (tCO₂eq) 193,958.

Company cars play a vital role in EV adoption

Electricity is now the most common option for fossil-free energy, and the electrification of vehicle fleets must be strongly supported. While EVs are widely discussed in Finland, they haven’t yet gained traction nationwide. In 2023, only 3% of Finland’s vehicle fleet was fully electric, with hybrids making up 4.9% (The Finnish Information Centre of Automobile Sector 1/2024). Company cars show more promise, with nearly 40% being fully electric and around 32% plug-in hybrids among new registrations. Although Finland’s approximately 70,000 company cars represent a small fraction of the total fleet, they play a vital role in EV adoption. Company cars become available to private buyers when they are three to four years old, and every fifth passenger car on our roads is either a current or former company car.

In Finland, a potential setback loomed over the EV transition in year 2023 as the government considered removing tax benefits for low-emission company cars. If implemented, this decision would have slowed down the promising shift to low-emission vehicles. We voiced our stance on the importance of maintaining the current practice for Finland’s climate goals and will continue to advocate for it in the future. Ultimately, the government decided to extend the tax incentive for fully electric company cars from 2026 to 2029. See the case: Secto Publicly promotes sustainable driving

Secto Rally Finland and Secto Automotive Labs

Motorsport is exciting, but could it also be sustainable and fossil-free

Secto became the title sponsor of the Finnish WRC event, Secto Rally Finland, in 2021 once it was decided that the WRC cars will start using eFuels backed by hybrid drivetrains in 2022. The company has launched its own development division, Secto Automotive Labs in December of 2022 to further strengthen its position in the sustainable rallying scene. Secto Automotive Labs is a tool to create a pathway for motorsports to return to it´s historical position as the development environment for future motoring solutions. In 2023, the development needed in motorsport is sustainability. If we are not part of the solution, we are a part of the problem. If motorsports want to survive in the future it has to reach the same sustainability goals as the rest of the industry.

Secto Rally Finland

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